We are a broad coalition of professional organisations and individuals whose goal is to improve access to abortion in South Australia. Our current campaign is to decriminalise abortion – in other words, remove it from the State’s criminal law – and regulate it under health care law, just like any other health care service.

Get the facts about abortion in South Australia, keep up to date with our news and actions, and get involved to support our campaign for change.

Latest News
Abortion Decriminalisation Bill: This proposed legislation – officially known as the Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020 – will be discussed by Members of the Legislative Council on Wednesday 2 December. Read more.

Send a pro-reform message to your local Member of Parliament and Members of the Legislative Council using this easy email tool:
Fair Agenda’s quick and easy email tool tells you how your MP stands on the Bill – whether they support it, oppose it or are undeclared. You can either use the Fair Agenda wording or personalise your message. The tool automatically sends a copy of your email to all MLCs.

Safe Access Zones Bill is now law: It is no longer legal to gather within 150m outside an abortion healthcare facility to protest to harass or intimidate patients and healthcare workers. After passing both Parliamentary houses, the Health Care (Safe Access) Amendment Bill 2020 (SA) received assent on 19 November, which means that Safe Access Zones are now law in SA.