About Us

We are a united front of individuals and professional organisations in the medical, legal, academic, social justice and advocacy fields who are committed to achieving the best quality abortion care in South Australia.

We know that best quality abortion care is enabled when abortion is an individual’s decision, affordable to all and accessible to all regardless of an individual’s location. 

We are a voluntary organisation supported by a broad membership and more than 40 influential state and national organisations as well as many prominent South Australians.

We’ve been campaigning together since 2015 to decriminalise abortion in South Australia. The existing abortion law – written in 1969 as part of the criminal code – is outdated and obstructive. It’s time to remove abortion from criminal law and regulate it instead under the health care system – just like all other health care services.

Get the facts about abortion in South Australia, keep up to date with our news and actions, and get involved to support our campaign for change.

(In the photo above: saaac members welcome the Bill to decriminalise abortion in SA on the steps of Parliament House on International Safe Abortion Day, 26 September 2020. Thanks to Michael Mullan for photography.)